Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Officially Cast As Roland In The Borderlands Movie

As film and television productions begin to resume under COVID-safe guidelines, many of the next major media projects happen to be adaptations of popular video game franchises. Netflix has resumed…

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Reportedly In Talks To Join Borderlands Movie Cast

The movie industry seems to be quite fixated with video games as a source of franchises to adapt into major film productions. A new Mortal Kombat reboot film is planned…

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Second Silent Hill Film

New Silent Hill Film Confirmed To Be In The Works

The next year in Hollywood is promising to be a strong year for fans of beloved video game franchises. This month will see the live action Sonic the Hedgehog film…

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Far Cry 5 Live-Action Short Film

Far Cry 5 Live-Action Film ‘Inside Eden’s Gate’ Released – Check It Out Here (VIDEO)

Those who have been playing Ubisoft’s latest entry into the Far Cry franchise have been tangoing with the villainous Father Joseph Seed for the past week, and things seem to…

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Dynasty Warriors Film

Live Action Dynasty Warriors Film Announced For 2019 With New Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

One of the biggest factors present in the near future of blockbuster cinema is the significance of the Chinese box office audience, and the demand for film adaptations of favorite…

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Kim Possible Live Action

Kim Possible Live Action Film Being Developed By Disney Channel

It’s no secret that film studios and television content providers have been looking to nostalgic pre-existing franchises for source material to be adapted into new TV and film projects. Most…

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Milla Jovovich Wants to Play Cheetara in a ThunderCats Movie (VIDEO)

With the coming of Resident Evil’ final film installment January 27th, the Hollywood stars are abuzz with news of the leading lady’s role in the action-packed flick. Milla Jovovich, a veteran…

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