XCOM 2 creative director Jake Solomon

Creative Director Jake Solomon Says He Wants to Make a Horror-Themed XCOM

Despite anyone’s ill-tempered behavior, horror games are all the rage in this day and age. There may not be any rats stuck in a cage, but there are a host…

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Paper Boat Retro Game

Stephen King’s IT Has a Paper Boat Retro Game Now Available to Play Online

Very soon, a new generation of movie-watchers will be introduced to the terror that is Pennywise the Clown. The first of the two new films that will adapt Stephen King’s…

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Artist Dylan Pierpont Recreates Harry Potter Book Covers With a Chilling Twist (GALLERY)

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has always been recognized for its darker themes and ideas. From child abuse, to death, betrayal as well as the positive messages of courage, friendship,…

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The Lighthouse

Let Shadow Knights Studio’s “The Lighthouse” Guide You Down a Path of Horror (VIDEO)

With less than three weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign, Shadow Knights Studio’s The Lighthouse is well on its way to terrifying players. The good news is that the project…

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Friday the 13th’s Gun Media Issues Apologies to Players With “Cool, Free Shit” – DLC Trailer Here (VIDEO)

The terrifying yet definitely campy horror franchise Friday the 13th made its way onto PCs and consoles everywhere and though there was a profound interest in this player vs. player…

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New Agony Gameplay Showcases the Floating Forest and Various Gameplay Mechanics

More and more regarding this first-person, survival horror game has gradually released on the official YouTube and Steam store. Madmind Studios just released another official Agony gameplay video that features…

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Angelina Jolie and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Eyed for Key Roles in Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’ Films

Universal Pictures recently announced that the June 9th opening of The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, will be the first entry into a connected theatrical universe known as Dark Universe. The aim is to bring…

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Inner Voices

DFTG Reviews Inner Voices – “A Breath of Fresh Air in the Day and Age of Jump Scares”

In true Lovecraftian fashion, Inner Voices mixes psychological horror, puzzles, and the general feeling of having no idea what is going on rather well. At times, it feels that all…

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Open-World Survival Horror Game

Teaser for New Open-World Survival Horror Game ‘The Day After’ Looks Intense (VIDEO)

Coconut Games released the first teaser trailer for their new open-world survival horror game, The Day After. The title developed by the independent game studio follows a guy named Noah…

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The Second Season of Stranger Things Promises to be Much Darker – “More Horror Oriented”

When the first season of Strangers Things hit Netflix, the show rapidly became a hit with TV watchers everywhere inspiring a line of collectibles and cosplayer creativity all over the…

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