Surprise Death Stranding Announcement Teased By Hideo Kojima

Surprise Death Stranding Announcement Teased By Hideo Kojima

Having debuted footage at the trailer-filled Game Awards, Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is looking to be as creepy and mysterious as ever. The trailer presents countless puzzling goings-on, including star…

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Metal Gear Solid Character Death Stranding

Possible Metal Gear Solid Character Discovered In Latest Death Stranding Trailer

Konami lost easily its best asset when it had its rough break-up with legendary game director Hideo Kojima. All heresay aside, there are two important takeaways from this: Konami’s future Metal…

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New Death Stranding Trailer

BREAKING: New Death Stranding Trailer Is Here To Creep You Out (VIDEO)

A new Death Stranding trailer has just debuted at The Game Awards 2017, and holy crap is it creepy! The video gives those in anticipation the best look yet at…

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Hideo Kojima And Guillermo del Toro Confirmed For Game Awards, Death Stranding Incoming?

With The Game Awards 2017 mere days away now, speculation is at an all time high for those wondering which games will nab which awards, and whether or not there…

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Snatcher – Hideo Kojima's Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: Snatcher – Hideo Kojima’s Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

On November 30, 1994, Snatcher was released for the Sega CD. From the mind of Metal Gear‘s Hideo Kojima, the 80s-infused adventure was a loving homage to hard-edge sci-fi and…

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Guillermo Del Toro Discusses Death Stranding Development And Gameplay

Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding development has been shrouded in mystery since it was first introduced to the public alongside a reveal trailer earlier this year. It was nothing short of…

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Kojima Talks About His Approach as a Game Developer and What Others are Doing Wrong

Hideo Kojima is known for his eccentric ideas and approach to everything in life, including how he sees himself as a game developer in the industry. One thing that fans…

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Hideo Kojima Thanks

Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami for Allowing Him Creative Control Over His Games

One of the biggest drama stories to come out of the gaming industry in the past few years has been the falling out between Konami and the key creative force…

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Fog Tech

New Video From the Death Stranding Team Shows New Fog Tech With Eerie Realism (VIDEO)

It seems that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is getting a lot of attention in media lately as the days slowly tick by towards its unknown release date. To further the…

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Death Stranding Graphics Engine

Death Stranding Graphics Engine is Being Tested According to Kojima Himself

Hideo Kojima is one of the biggest names in gaming. His latest project Death Stranding, which is his first title under his new studio Kojima Productions, has become an enigma wrapped in…

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