New Dragon Age game bioware

New Dragon Age Rumors Spark – Voice Actor Responds to Fans

Just on the heels of launching into the Andromeda galaxy with BioWare’s new Mass Effect installment, rumors have sparked about another popular franchise of theirs. Voice actor Alix Wilton Regan…

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EAOrigins Access

Here’s the Full List of Titles Available in the EA/Origin Access Free Games Library

Electronic Arts (EA) launched a paid monthly subscription service in 2014 on Xbox One called EA Access, which allowed subscribers to get a chance to play some hit games for…

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Dragon Age Knight Errant

First Look Inside the New Dragon Age Comic Series – Dragon Age Knight Errant

Just yesterday, Dark Horse Comics and partners disclosed a new Mass Effect comic series called Mass Effect: Discovery to launch April 12th, 2017. The story will feature a Turian soldier…

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Dragon Age: Origins and More Now Backwards Compatible on the Xbox One

To the great delight of many fans and garnering the respect of industry professionals, Microsoft continues its commitment to support popular games from their last generation gaming console, the Xbox…

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BioWare Crossover Art “Dragon Effect” and “Mass Age” by Andrew Ryan

At some point in your gaming lifetime, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like for a BioWare universe crossover. What if the Mass Effect crew were in the Dragon Age…

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Dragon Age Plushies

Dragon Age Plushies are Available and They are Adorable – Here’s How You Can Get Them

It’s time to crack out those wallets, gamers! A new set of collectible Dragon Age Plushies have hit the market, and frankly, they are some of the most adorable things we…

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BioWare Beacon

BioWare Beacon Accepting Applications for Andromeda Multiplayer Beta

Have you ever wanted to be on the inside looking out? One of the cool people? If you’re reading this, you’re already one of the cool people. You’re the cream…

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Dragon Age

Executive Producer of Dragon Age, Mark Darrah, Drops Major Hints at Future of the Franchise

A few weeks ago, we reported here that the Executive Producer of the Dragon Age franchise, Mark Darrah, was dropping some not so subtle hints about the fourth installment of the Dragon…

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This Day in Gaming History: Dragon Age: Origins

November 3, 2009 Seven years ago, Dragon Age: Origins was released to widespread fanfare and praise from essentially everyone. The high-fantasy epic would introduce RPG fans to a rich new world. From…

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Alexis Kennedy, Sunless Sea Leader Writer, Joins BioWare for Secret Project

Sunless Sea writer Alexis Kennedy has recently signed up to work with BioWare for an unannounced project. Given that he has some definite experience creating a powerful role-playing experience, Dragon…

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