Monster Hunter World Collaboration

Latest Monster Hunter World Collaboration With Devil May Cry Revealed (VIDEO)

The third Monster Hunter World collaboration has been revealed, and this time all consoles get to reap the rewards. The first event was a PlayStation exclusive featuring Aloy of Horizon…

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Devil May Cry

Throwback Thursday: Devil May Cry – A Stylish Spin On Evil

On August 23, 2001, Devil May Cry was released for the PlayStation 2. The game featured an innovative hack and slash combat that was presented with equal parts demonic evil…

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Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection Releases New Trailer, First Game Free With Prime (VIDEO)

We are a month away from the release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, and Capcom is celebrating the upcoming release with a new trailer. The latest video shows…

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Devil May Cry Director Says New Game Is Almost Finished, “Expect It”

Capcom has already given a multitude of teasers in the latter half of 2017 to show off to fans that they have an epic 2018 planned for gamers. For fans…

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New Devil May Cry Mobile Game Announced, Coming To A Select Region Next Year

Well, this is certainly not what most expect to be next in line for this original Capcom published game. According to the developer themselves, the upcoming regional Devil May Cry…

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Capcom On Nintendo Switch: Wants Never-Before-On Nintendo IPs On The New Console

Capcom, like many developers, are growing warmer and warmer to the idea of the hybrid console; the Nintendo Switch. With more third party support than ever before, and record sales…

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Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry HD Collection Confirmed, Coming In 2018!

Capcom just announced that the Devil May Cry HD Collection is officially on the way, confirming rumors that have been circulating for months. The collection will include the first three games in…

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Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur 6 rumor

Devil May Cry 5 And Soul Calibur VI Rumored To Be Revealed Soon

Gamers that have been waiting for the next entries in the much-loved Devil May Cry and Soul Calibur series may be in luck! According to a recent post on Reddit, Devil May Cry…

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New Humble Bundle Includes Resident Evil HD, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising and More

Humble bundles are a great way for gamers to get titles they’ve been drooling over all the while supporting a good cause. The proceeds from these purchased packs are split…

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Resident Evil: Vendetta Producer Interested in Creating a Devil May Cry Movie

For quite a few years now, Devil May Cry has shied away from the lime light and pushed back onto the shelves, but it recently gained traction again. Toward the…

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