E3 2020

E3 2020 Digital “Online Experience” Officially Cancelled

Before this year’s notorious outbreak of Coronavirus, E3 2020 appeared to have a lot in store for gamers – even despite some notable exclusions. Of course, all those plans came…

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GameStop Details Pre-Order Pickup Process Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) has had an unprecedented on the world and how human beings operate their daily lives. In the video game industry alone, there have been “indefinite” delays in…

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Amazon Game Streaming Service Reportedly Coming This Year (VIDEO)

As the consoles reach their next generation, so too does the format of video games themselves. Services such as PlayStation Now and Google Stadia have given their respective platform an…

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Sony Global Relief

Sony Global Relief Fund Donates $100 Million To COVID-19 Relief

The world continues to face the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing guidelines from numerous countries staying in effect now until the end of April. The video game…

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Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services See 775% Demand Surge In Italy During Quarantine

As the world continues in its quest to quarantine and prevent the spread of COVID-19, video games have been a crucial method for many to pass the time whilst stuck…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Copies Are Shipping Early To Europe, Australia

Final Fantasy VII Remake Copies Are Shipping Early To Europe, Australia

It looks like some of the folks that pre-ordered the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be getting the game sooner than the title’s official release date. Developer Square Enix has…

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CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED Makes Major Donation In Response To COVID-19 Spread

COVID-19 has been hard on many people around the globe but that hasn’t stopped people from coming together to provide help however they can. Still, people have had no problem…

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Xbox One Controller

Xbox Addresses Possible Game Delays Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The current outbreak of coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, has affected many across the globe as safety concerns have effectively halted much of the entertainment industry in its tracks. Gaming has been…

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Created By Couple After Coronavirus Cancels IRL Event

As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, numerous accounts of major event changes and cancellations have been a major theme throughout the past few weeks, and continues to be so as…

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GameStop Stores

All GameStop Stores Closed To Customers Due To Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage the planet’s population, people have been looking to video games more and more as a source of relief and escapism. However, this recently…

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