Halo Live-Action Series Recasts Cortana With Original Voice Actress

After months of pre-production, the upcoming Halo TV show recently returned to production, as confirmed in a new post from the actor portraying the Master Chief himself. However, that isn’t…

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Trailer Hides Secret Cortana Easter Egg, Hints At Return (VIDEO)

The Halo Infinite trailer from E3 brought a lot of hype to the table and even saw Chief putting a familiar chip into his helmet, hinting the hero would have…

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Xbox One Ditches Cortana, Implements A More Simplified UI

Xbox One Ditches Cortana, Implements A More Simplified UI

Microsoft is officially – and finally, for some – making changes to the Xbox One hub, ditching Cortana and implementing a simpler UI. This decision comes at the tail end…

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Xbox One October Update Now Live (VIDEO)

With Microsoft trailing Sony’s game console sales this generation, the software and hardware juggernaut has sought to make their Xbox platform as inviting as possible with new features and bonuses…

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Cortana Holograph

Fan Creates Real Life Cortana Hologram from Halo (VIDEO)

We live in an age where science fiction is becoming reality. Digital assistants are becoming quite popular ever since Apple’s Siri made her way to iPhones and iPads. Other companies…

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New Halo Stickers for IOS Messaging

If you are a fan of the Halo franchise and use Apple products, we’ve got some exciting news! On October 13th, Microsoft released Halo Stickers into the Apple App Store. This sticker…

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