Dragon Queen Alexstrasza Joins Overwatch Favorite In Heroes Of The Storm (VIDEO)

Heroes of the Storm has trickled in quite a few fan-favorite characters this past year including such champions as Junkrat, Ana, D.VA, and other from the Overwatch franchise as well…

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Hearthstone’s Upcoming Kobolds & Catacombs Expansion Brings New Treasure (VIDEO)

Blizzard announced a brand new DLC to surprise players during the Hearthstone presentation at BlizzCon 2017, and even included a narrated dungeon crawl afterward. Featuring gems, gold, and scary tunnels,…

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Blizzard Reveals World Of Warcraft Classic Server Option Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Get ready for a World of Warcraft nostalgia trip for respective game veterans for your wish is granted. Honestly, what took them so long? All they really needed was a…

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Overwatch viewing experience

Blizzard Reveals Plans To Improve The Overwatch Viewing Experience For BlizzCon 2017 (VIDEO)

With BlizzCon and the World Cup on its way next week, Blizzard has rolled out new systems to enhance the Overwatch viewing experience. In a new developer update game director…

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Blizzcon 2017 Announcements

Overwatch and WoW Expected to Have Huge Anouncements at BlizzCon 2017

In less than one month, Blizzcon 2017 begins. Many fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s franchises will gather to celebrate their beloved games, and even more fans worldwide will watch the fanfare…

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StarCraft Source Code Disc

Man Finds StarCraft Source Code and Returns it to Blizzard, Gets Showered with Gifts and BlizzCon Trip

An old saying goes – “no good deed goes unpunished.” This may be the one exception to the rule. Last month, Reddit user Khemist49 made the discovery of a lifetime…

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LiLi’s Survival Guide for Conventions – Introvert’s Edition

Ah, conventions. An exciting environment where geeks can let their fandom flag fly proudly. A magical place where vendors, artists, and big names throughout the Geek-verse come together to celebrate…

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New Overwatch Oasis Map Available on the PTR Right Now

It was announced to us at Blizzcon and now finally we get to see it for ourselves! The newest Overwatch Oasis map is live on the public test realm (PTR)….

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Female Hanzo Cosplay Rocks Blizzcon 2016 like the Dragon

Blizzcon 2016 was an amazing time for numerous reasons, especially some of the big news we got from the team at Blizzard concerning Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and more! Not only…

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#HelpKyleFindTracer – Overwatch Fans Unite to Help a BlizzCon Missed Connection

BlizzCon – a magical place where fans of Blizzard from all over the world gather to share their fandom, their glory, and meet like-minded gamers. Apparently, it is also a…

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