mass effect trilogy art bioware

The Art Of The Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition Announced

Since November 7th last year, the Mass Effect franchise has been quiet on social media. There have been whispers of a remastered trilogy release in the past. Unfortunately, there’s been…

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Deluxe Edition Art Book Revealed

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Deluxe Edition Art Book Revealed

As we’ve come to expect from most triple-A video games nowadays, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is, of course, getting its own art book. To that end, Ubisoft and Dark Horse Books…

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the last of us part ii

The Last Of Us Part 2 Deluxe Edition Art Book Revealed By Dark Horse

Prepare yourselves for another emotionally exhausting and beautifully-crafted story by Naughty Dog. Easily one of the most anticipated sequels of this year, Naughty Dog is bringing out the big guns…

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Battlefield V

‘The Art Of Battlefield V’ Revealed

Battlefield V has already gone through its share of controversy ever since the game was revealed late last month, though no one can argue that the DICE-developed game looks absolutely…

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Metal Gear Solid Art Book on the Way from Dark Horse Comics

Metal Gear Solid Art Book on the Way from Dark Horse Comics

It’s doubtful that the Metal Gear Solid franchise would be the same if it hadn’t been for the visually striking artwork by Japanese artist Yoji Shinkawa. From the first game’s…

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mona lisa minecraft art

Awesome Video Offers a Look into the World of Minecraft Art (VIDEO)

Video games are mainly known for their value as an entertainment, and often times, as a storytelling medium. Anyone that has played a rousing game of Tetris, or felt the…

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New Sketch-Style Shooter ‘Drawn to Death’ Making an April Debut on the PS4 (VIDEO)

The shooter genre has gone through some drastic changes through the years – some good, some “what the hell were they thinking!?” We all know what franchise first came to…

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Cosplay Corner: Mass Effect Andromeda Character Kits Now Available – More on the Way

Gaming is an exciting world and it isn’t just limited to what is on the screen. There are graphic novels, books, art, collectibles, and so much more that lets these…

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concept switch skin

Fan Switches it up with Nintendo Console Skin Concepts

The Nintendo Switch was announced on October 20th and we showed you everything from the unveiling. Now a fellow fan of the gaming godfather has created some pretty legitimate concept…

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