Ark 2 Video Game, Animated Series Announced Featuring Vin Diesel (VIDEO)

Ark 2 Video Game, Animated Series Announced Featuring Vin Diesel (VIDEO)

There were quite a few exciting World Premieres that took place during tonight’s The Game Awards 2020 event, many of which have been in development and under wraps for quite…

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Splinter Cell Animated Series From 'John Wick' Writer In The Works At Netflix

Splinter Cell Animated Series From ‘John Wick’ Writer In The Works At Netflix

It looks like our boy Sam Fisher is finally making his triumphant comeback, though, once again, not the way we had imagined it. It has been announced that a Splinter…

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Diablo Animated Series

Diablo Animated Series Reportedly On The Way

While the movie industry is still trying to crack the code when it comes to adapting a video game into a film, it would appear that those focusing on smaller…

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Disenchantment Teaser

Futurama Creator Reveals Teaser Trailer For New Animated Series (VIDEO)

One of the most celebrated figures in modern animation has been Matt Groening. His animated The Simpsons shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show turned into the longest running US Primetime…

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Netflix Animated Castlevania TV Show Cast is Revealed – See the Familiar Cast Here! (VIDEO)

A few months have passed since the initial announcement that the Castlevania franchise, a staple in the gaming world, was coming to the small screen via Netflix. Yes, the time…

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Animaniacs Reboot

Animaniacs Reboot in Development by Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros., and Amblin TV

If there is one thing that is likely to persist in the near future of entertainment media is the proliferated use of classic properties from the 1990’s returning as the…

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Animated Star Wars

A New Animated Star Wars Series Called Forces of Destiny to Premiere Soon (VIDEO)

A new animated Star Wars series has been officially announced on Entertainment Weekly, and will premiere in the coming months to tell these incredible stories to their target audience of young girls…

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New Samurai Jack Wallpaper

Release Date for New Samurai Jack Episodes Announced – #JackisBack

Samurai Jack was certainly a unique animated series, even among the creator-driven, mold-breaking cartoons that made their debut as Cartoon Network original programming in the late 1990s and early 2000s….

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CW Seed Reprising Constantine as Animated Series

Fans of the gritty comic series Constantine were treated to a full season of demon ass-kicking when NBC aired the show back in 2014. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in…

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Fan Made Firefly Animated Teaser Proves You Can’t Stop The Signal – (VIDEO)

This September was the 14th anniversary of beloved series “Firefly”. It aired for the first time September 20th, 2002 on Fox and ran until December of that year when it…

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