StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’s 3.9.0 Update Adds a New Co-op Commander

StarCraft II Alexi Stukov

Update 3.9.0 is here for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Additions include a new commander for co-op and a new Nova Covert Ops bundle.

StarCraft II Alexi Stukov
Alexei Stukov is joining Co-op Missions for the StarCraft II threequel as a new commander. The Zerg-infested officer will be commanding his own army of Zerg, Terran and combined Zerg-Terrans for a variety of soldiers types when going into battle.

Stukov’s big guns include the Apocolisk, a Terran-variant of a Zerg heavy ground unit, and the DSS Aleksander, an infested Super Battlecruiser. Oh my!

Alexei Stukov co-op starcraft ii screenshot
Along with all these additions, the three separate Nova Covert Ops mission packs are now part of the Super Nova Bundle. Exclusive to the bundle, people will also receive the Nova Co-op Commander as well as the Nova announcer for use in the game. As a cool gesture, players who already bought the bundle’s contents separately will be granted the announcer free of charge.

Pricing for Commander Stukov is $4.99 and the Super Nova Bundle is currently $22.47 $14.99 on the shop. Both are available now.

A full list of additions and updates can be found HERE.

Is this game as fun as everyone says? Are you impressed with how much this game gives on a regular basis? How cool is space? Trick question. It’s too cool.

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