The Force Awakens Has Received the Shakespearean Treatment With The Force Doth Awaken

Fans are probably wondering how could anyone possibly make Star Wars: The Force Awakens any better than the box office hit already was, but someone actually did it. Ian Doescher, the American writer who brought us such great Shakespearean parodies as Verily, a New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, and The Jedi Doth Return has done it again and is now taking pre-orders of the latest in the series, The Force Doth Awaken.

Force Awakens force doth awaken

BB-8 looks so dashing on the book’s cover, but why was the droid chosen over someone like Rey? The art director for The Force Doth Awaken, Doogie Horner, explained the reason they chose the handsome little droid instead of other leading characters in an interview with While some may not necessarily agree with their reasoning, who could be mad at that cute widdle BB-8? Here’s what was said:

It was sort of a process of elimination. We considered Rey, but one distinctive thing about her is her outfit, which we’d lose when we dressed her in Elizabethan clothes. I just can’t picture her character in a fancy dress. I also considered Kylo Ren, but again, I just didn’t know how to make him look Shakespearean in an interesting way. BB-8 seemed like the right fit because he’s such a fun character, and this book is funny, too. Also, I like giving a supporting character star-billing like this.”

Seems fair, and after seeing Rey’s and Kylo Ren’s newest costumes for The Last Jedi, we can’t picture them any other way! You are probably still wondering just how someone can change The Force Awakens into a Shakespearean play. Fans might just want to get themselves a copy and find out, but the synopsis pretty much gives you an idea of what the book is like.

Experience The Force Awakens as a Shakespeare play, complete with Elizabethan verse, Shakespearean monologues, and theatrical stage directions! As the noble Resistance clashes with the vile First Order, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 are pulled into a galaxy-wide drama—in iambic pentameter! Star Wars fans and Shakespeare enthusiasts alike will enjoy the authentic meter, re-imagined movie scenes and dialogue, and hidden Easter eggs throughout. Chewbacca speaks! Leader Snoke gives a soliloquy! And the romance of Han Solo and Leia Organa takes a tragic turn that Shakespeare would approve of. All with woodcut-style illustrations that place Star Wars characters into an Elizabethan galaxy. The story may take place in a galaxy far, far away, but you’ll be convinced it was written by the Bard.”

The Force Doth Awaken sounds amazing! DFTG wants to know what the fans think of the latest in the series, so drop a thought or two in the comments section below. After that, be sure to head on over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page and click that follow button for all the greatest gaming and Star Wars news 24/7!

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