Star Wars Dark Forces Fan Remake By Obsidian Dev Is Worth Learning More About (Gallery)

Star Wars Dark Forces remake

Star Wars has reached new heights very quickly in the last few years and fans are looking to revisit some of their old favorite games for nostalgia. Among those revisits is a complete overhaul on Unreal Engine 4 that will definitely turn some heads. This Star Wars Dark Forces remake from Obsidian’s Senior Environment Artist Jason Lewis and some of his coworkers has to be seen to be believed.

The gorgeous graphics brought to the game breathe new life into an old favorite. According to the team working on it in their spare time, the performance and graphics have just taken a huge leap forward. Here is what Jason Lewis had to say about the Star Wars Dark Forces remake on his ArtStation page:

This is a just-for-fun personal project that myself and several co-workers all contributed to for no reason other than we are all a bunch of super Star Wars fans and with all the Star Wars awesomeness going on these days, we all thought it would be a good time to jump in and produce a quality fan art project. In addition to just being a bunch of super Star Wars nerds, several of us have been wanting an excuse to learn Unreal 4 for some time now, so we figured that this was a perfect opportunity.”

The team has already knocked out four phases of the Star Wars Dark Forces remake development. The work that has been completed already makes the feat an impressive one, and the hard work definitely shows. While the team has slowed a bit, Lewis did note that the level he is working on is waiting for a few bug fixes and tweaks before it’s completely playable.

The Star Wars Dark Forces remake is definitely one that fans will want to keep an eye on, especially with how gorgeous the game looks so far. There is no word yet as to if and when the game will be playable, but fingers crossed that fans will get to check out the new digs soon.

What are some first impressions of the overhaul that Lewis and his team have cranked out so far? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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