Star Wars Battlefront II: Clone Wars Skins And Updated Squad System Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront II: Clone Wars Skins And Updated Squad System Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront II has had its fair share of updates since the game’s release late last year.  Amidst all the negative press concerning the title’s microtransactions, fans have understandably been feeling a bit disgruntled due to the lack of content at launch, such as the notable absence of alternate skins and maps. To DICE’s credit, they’ve kept stride through all of this turmoil and are continuing to support the game through regular updates to appease those unsatisfied fans and trying to attract new players to their multiplayer Star Wars FPS.

In its bid to continue to take steps in the right direction, DICE has released a massive update for Star Wars Battlefront II that includes a brand new Squad System. According to the developer, it should help make the game feel a bit more like the tactical-feeling Battlefield series. EA Community Manager F8RGE said in a forum post:

The new Squad System will allow you to re-join your friends, allies, and the action much quicker than before. If you’re already playing with a group of friends, you will be placed together into a squad. If you join a game on your own, you will be placed into a random squad.

When you are defeated, you will have the ability to toggle through a spectator camera. This camera will be focused on one of your squad members and you’ll then have the ability to spawn directly onto them. Want to spawn on a different squad member? Simply toggle through the spectator camera until you find the squad member of your choosing.

On top of implementing this new gameplay element, DICE has also announced that it is reworking existing Clone Wars skins, which comes after a significant amount of fan feedback regarding the original designs. “The mirroring issue mentioned is a technical issue and one we are working to resolve. Aside from tech, there are also design choices, DICE said in regards to the upcoming changes.

The initial look of the Clone Troopers comes down to a number of these design choices and inspiration references. Readability of classes is an important aspect for any game that has an online multiplayer component, and where possible we do try to make appearances that allow you to distinguish the class of Trooper.

While DICE has yet to show what these redesigns will look like, the developer did provide some insight as far as what to expect from the changes:

The changes we are planning to make to the 91st focus on a mirroring issue of the symbols on both the arms and legs. It is also worth noting that the 91st will not have red pauldrons as they are inspired by the “standard” troopers in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The 104th also has mirrored shoulder pads, something we’ll address by making one grey and one striped to match the reference.”

DICE also discusses the other particulars of the upcoming patch, which can all be found right here.

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