Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Offline Co-Op to be Console Exclusive

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's offline co-op

With the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in the books, fans around the world have been learning about everything that was revealed at the event. One such thing that was unveiled was the official trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Just a few days before the gathering took place, a trailer for the title leaked online. With it being the Internet, however, there’s always a chance that it isn’t accurate. During the Celebration, the official trailer was revealed, confirming the leak and showing off everything that is to come in the next installment of the popular action shooter. A campaign mode, multiplayer(online and offline), space battles, and more were showcased in the video. Unfortunately, not everyone will get to experience Battlefront 2‘s offline co-op mode.

Xbox Wire previously reported that the split-screen action would be exclusive to Microsoft’s console, but it has since been changed. Now, the entry says that Battlefront 2‘s offline co-op mode will be “exclusive to the console version,” meaning both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This, of course, leaves those who plan to play on PC without any offline multiplayer goodness. It may not be a surprise to some because that’s how the first installment was set up. People were likely expecting change, though, which may lead to some PC players being less than thrilled. Just think about the campaign mode and remember that everything will be okay. Check out the trailer below:

Besides Battlefront 2‘s offline co-op mode not coming to PC, there is other Star Wars news afoot! In addition to the standard version of the game, there is also an Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition that includes the option for players to experience the title three days before it launches. It was also announced that a Rogue One sequel novel would be coming out, and it contains the events that lead up to the single-player campaign in the upcoming title. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is being released on November 17 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. All of this and more can be read at the links below:

What say the Star Wars fans of the world? Is the exclusion of Battlefront 2‘s offline co-op mode from the PC version a deal breaker? Drop a comment in the designated section below, or start a conversation on the official Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7.

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