South Park: The Fractured But Whole Uncensored In All Regions, Confirms Producer

Fractured But Whole Uncensored

The South Park franchise is notorious for its offensive humor and ability to push the boundaries of comedy. Even in the South Park games, the series is not afraid of satirical humor that might rub some people the wrong way if it means expressing their true creative intentions in a hopefully thought-provoking way. Still, this has caused some censorship over the series in the past, including some content in the first Ubisoft South Park game, The Stick of Truth. However, it appears that Ubisoft has been able to overcome this past censorship and keep South Park: The Fractured But Whole uncensored in all regions.

The game’s associate producer, Kimberly Weigend recently spoke with The Daily Star for an interview regarding the sequel. While most of the conversation revolved around the game’s mechanics, the topic of censorship also came up for discussion. Weigend was asked if the humor was at all dialed back after the previous game had some content censored in some regions, but she responded by affirming that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker only upped the ante with their joke telling. She also confirmed that the game would not face any censorship in any of the planned regions that the game will be released, saying:

We just got our ratings back: there are no content issues across all countries. Everyone around the world will play the exact same content. It was such a bummer that certain people couldn’t play certain parts, but this time it seems to be more progressive and the ratings board must’ve been like ‘this isn’t so bad, let’s just go with it’

This will certainly come to a relief for European and Australian South Park fans who had certain sequences, such as an alien probing scene, altered with their versions of The Stick of Truth. It’s good to see the world has become as welcoming to free speech as Canada has been with their hit show Terence and Phillip. What do you guys think about Ubisoft’s ability to keep The Fractured But Whole uncensored? Let us know in the comments below!

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