PlayStation Plus Includes Trophy Support For Classic Games (VIDEO)

PlayStation Plus Classics trophies

The all-new PlayStation Plus is nearing its grand re-launch and the updated subscription is offering all sorts of perks to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. A downloadable and streamable library of popular PS4 and PS5 titles is just the tip of the iceberg as Sony is also planning a growing selection of classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games to be playable as well. Ahead of the big day, it looks like some PlayStation Plus Classics may also contain earnable Trophies.

In a recent post on Twitter, Days Gone developer Bend Studio confirmed that classic PS1 shooter Syphon Filter would implement Trophy support for the first time in its debut on the new PlayStation Plus. In addition to the fun announcement, Bend also showed off a look a silver Trophy dubbed “An Explosive Start,” as well as the title’s all-encompassing Platinum, which exclaims “Excellent work, Agent!” to those that earn all available Trophies.

Adding Trophy support to PS1 titles – even if it’s just one for now – is certainly an exciting feature, if unsurprising in the grand scheme of things. Sony memorably filed a patent regarding a feature like this back in March 2021 called “Method and Apparatus for Awarding Trophies,” which described the process of players earning the reward at the same time as emulating older legacy titles. It’s unknown if Syphon Filter is simply a test run for this technology, but it would certainly be interesting to see more games like it on PlayStation Plus.

For those unaware of the turn-of-the-century PS1 classic, Syphon Filter was originally released in 1999, entering a scene relatively dominated by distinct shooter titles like Metal Gear Solid and GoldenEye 007. Formerly as developer Eidetic, Bend Studio’s plans for the spy-tinged stealth shooter were years in the making, featuring a tightly-crafted level design and action-packed plot for the time. The release spawned two well-received sequels for the PS1, Syphon Filter 2 and 3 respectively. It’s not yet known if these follow-ups will be included in the new PS Plus.

The new PlayStation Plus launches in North America on June 13th.

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