SMITE Developer Announces ‘Shadows Over Hercopolis’ Free-To-Play RPG (VIDEO)

Hi-Rez Studios is best known for their free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), SMITEThe game allows players to take on the roles of gods and creatures from worldwide lore and mythology. The studio has had plenty of success with the title, which led them to create a new RPG set in the same world. Check out the announcement trailer for SMITE: Shadows over Hercopolis below:

SMITE: Shadows Over Hercopolis will allow players to choose from over seventy different Gods to quest with. Players can join up with their friends for some good ‘ol online co-op to hunt down Loki – the Norse god of mischief. The official synopsis for the title is as follows:

The Trickster God, Loki, has kidnapped King Hercules! Journey into the lands of Norse Mythology, combat legendary monsters, and confront Loki in an epic final battle! The fate of Hercules is in your hands.

Loki has ransacked the city of Hercopolis. The treasury has been emptied, the blacksmith’s wares have been snatched, and even the statue of King Hercules has vanished! In your quest to save Hercules, find and return the stolen items to gain the townspeople’s support. Recover all statue pieces to unlock the Legion Hercules Skin or 100 Gems!”

Along the way, players will have to fight off legendary colossal monsters in the Norse realm. These high-action boss fights will reward adventuring Gods with “sweet loot” to aid in continuing the mission. The end-game, of course, is to search through the ruins of Hercopolis and track down Loki to save Hercules, Champion of Rome.

SMITE: Shadows Over Hercopolis

SMITE: Shadows Over Hercopolis will be available for free on Windows PC and Mac in April of next year. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One dates are still to be determined. Are you ready to choose a God to save Hercules? Which is your favorite character from SMITE? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on the hottest news in gaming and entertainment via our 24/7 live news feed.

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