Smite Holiday Skins and Other Updates With the 3.22 Patch!

It is a week until Thanksgiving, and people are already decorating for December’s festivities. Christmas lights and trees in the city square are in-bound. And so are the skins! No, not the ones you wear. Well, not on yourself (please don’t do that). Smite holiday skins are a-coming!

Hi-Rez Studios have information on the new update for the holiday themed skins, god skins, and a Fafnir’s Wonderland. They’re all especially Christmas inspired! If you’re wondering what Fafnir’s Wonderland is – it is, in essence, a Christmas version of Xing Tian’s Mountain where a team has to duel against artificial intelligence. There are 15 different encounters total with this new patch, broken into 2 tiers – Easy and Hard mode. You even get an achievement and sweet rewards for simply playing on this map!

The 2 tiers are easy to understand. Players start out in Easy Mode, duking it out with A.I. until you complete level 15. After that, you’re automatically bumped to Hard Mode. Then the 15 encounters start again, except it’s harder and the enemies have more abilities. Unfortunately for seasoned players, Hard Mode cannot be accessed until you’ve wiped out Easy Mode. Sorry peeps!

Are you curious to see what holiday skins are being thrown into the mix? Check it out below:

God Skins

  • “Captain Quick” Mercury
  • “Barbarian” Thor
  • “Hail to the King” Tyr
  • Mercury Mastery Skins
  • Thor Mastery Skins

Christmas Themed Skins

  • “Snowman” Geb
  • “Festive” Ratatoskr
  • “Slay Bells” Chiron

Alongside the Christmas themed goodness, there are changes to God skills and utility, as well as items. Odysseus’ Bow is decreased all around, in cost and passive (2450 to 2100, and 50% to 30% respectively). The Poisoned Star gets an increase of physical power from 30 to 40. Bellona, Fenrir, Izanami, Mercury, Susano, and Thoth get a few changes. Some more or less minor than others. If you’re curious to see what they are, check out the patch notes here!

Calling all fellow Smite players – which Smite holiday skins are your favorites? Should other Gods have received skins too? If so, which one? Let us know in the jolly ‘ol comments section below!

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