Second Spanish Operative Revealed for Rainbow Six Siege – Meet Mira (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, the team behind Rainbow Six Siege dropped a few teasers in prep for a new operation coming to players everywhere: Operation Velvet Shell. We’ve already met Jackal, who is the offense dream player with his ability to track enemy foot steps, taking away the enemy team’s stealth abilities. Now, Ubisoft is treating us to another teaser, introducing players to the latest operator in the new task force: Agent Mira.

The teaser trailer is brief but we do get a basic idea of what Mira brings to the table. Seems like she’s got a bit of Tiny Tina (Borderlands 2) in her as an on-hand explosives expert. In the video, we see her blow out a large chuck of a wall and use a nifty little gadget to insert a piece of glass into the newly open space. It looks to be a one-way mirror, and her catchphrase “Let me see your pretty faces,” seems to enforce that.

Just from the little bit teased, it is possible that Mira will fit any number of player types in-game. Some fan-reactions saw her as more of a defensive player utilizing a one-way window to observe in plain sight, without actually being seen. Pair that with Jackal’s ability to see enemy player’s footsteps with his sonar tech, and your team is pretty much unstoppable. Nowhere to hide, no way to sneak up. The offensive and defensive possibilities are endless.

For most people, I’m a relief. But for you, I’ll be a nightmare.”

Let’s meet Mira. Born Elena Maria Alvarez, she was born in the middle of the huge Spanish political shift, much like Jackal. Elena was raised by her father alone and under his guardianship, found her purpose within the family business: a mechanic’s shop in Retiro, Madrid. As Elena gained experience working in the shop, she developed her keen eye in spotting potential mechanical defects which aided her later in life when she became an operator.

After Alvarez completed high school, a position opened up in the police force. She saw this as a way to prove herself in her pursuit of joining the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia. At the age of 20, she began her journey into being the best. Her mechanical skills and physical endurance earned her a top spot within her field and paved the way for her to become a G.E.O officer. After promoted, she took part in several SWAT CQB competitions world wide. Elena never stopped being a force to be reckoned with.

R6 scriptwriter Farah Brixi talked a little bit about Elena saying:

Alvarez has ample experience in physical defense as well as residential security for high profile ministers, visiting heads of state, and heads of goverment. Alvarez also offered a great opportunity to portray the growing interaction between different Operators, even when it is not agreeable. There are particular tensions between her and some Rainbow Six Operators. One of them is Eliza Cohen, who she met during Operation Blue Orion, which did not yield the anticipated results. Cohen and Alvarez have been brutal rivals on record ever since.”

More on the upcoming adventure will be revealed during in Montreal for the Six Invitational, which begins February 3rd. Can’t make it in person? You can watch it live on their official Twitch channel to see any announcements. Also, you can bookmark us here at DFTG, as we will be covering the event. There will be developer panels, inside looks at new maps, live demos of Operation Velvet Shell, and more. Stay tuned!

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