Ryan Reynolds Tells Us Exactly Why Deadpool Should Win Awards in Hilarious Video

Ryan Reynolds

The marketing team behind Deadpool has been top notch since before the movie even premiered. It was the leak heard around the world when audiences caught first glimpse of the test footage back in 2014. It has nearly been a year since the theatrical release, and it just so happens to be awards season. Ryan Reynolds is making sure you don’t forget about a little 2016 blockbuster of his. Take a look:

Deadpool was nominated for Best Musical or Comedy and Best Actor(Reynolds) at the Golden Globes, but was unsuccessful in obtaining an award. Perhaps Ryan should have sent this out sooner so they could have picked up at least one of those. The film will have another shot at the Writers Guild Awards on February 19, where it is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. We’ll find out if the film will be picking up any nominations at the Academy Awards on January 24, when the nominees will be announced.

Ryan Reynolds has been instrumental in the success of this film. He has been on board since day one and was seemingly made for this role. That, or this role was made for him. Either way, they are a perfect match, both on and off the screen. We can only hope this momentum stays where it’s at for the sequel. Also, if you needed the comprehensive list on why you should consider Deadpool this awards season, here it is:

  • 600lbs. of Chimichangas
  • 4 Pairs of Assless Chaps
  • 12 Humiliating Minutes on the Casting Couch
  • 117 Script Pages
  • 465(456) Ad Libs
  • 2 Nerds
  • 7 Magical Unicorns
  • 3 Good Walls
    • A 4th That’s Broken
  • 42 Rejection Letters from FOX
  • 1 Leaked Video
  • 783 Million Fans(Reference to making $783 million at the box office)

What say you, readers? Do you believe Deadpool is deserving of an award? Even though some may think the whole awards scene is a bit ridiculous, just think of the hilarity that would ensue were the film to win. Until that happens, you’ll just have to let us know what you think down in the comments.

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