Rust Console Release Date Revealed, Pre-orders Now Available

Rust Console

The video game industry has many online multiplayer games that occupy hours and hours of players’ time, with one of the popular ones being Rust. The open world survival game has captivated hordes of players and given plenty of opportunities for enthusiasts to make their own mayhem. While a major fire in the EU Rust servers facility lost a lot of player data recently, Facepunch Studios has been hard at work to support its playerbase. Now, it seems that the publisher/developer is ready to release the Rust console versions, with special physical editions coming to celebrate the launch.

Rust Console

As reported by Game Informer, the release date for the Rust console versions has been confirmed to be May 21st, later this year. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will finally be able to jump into the world of Rust, thanks to Double Eleven producing the physical releases. The Rust Standard Edition and Rust Day One physical edition will sell for $49.99 in May, with a Future Weapons and Tools pack as a pre-order bonus.

Rust Console

There are also two special editions for the Rust console versions being made. The Rust Deluxe Edition will sell for $59.99 and includes early access to the game three days before standard version players, as well as access to a closed beta and staging branch. There is also the Rust Ultimate Edition available for $79.99 that includes an Elite Combat skin pack, 1100, and everything else from the Deluxe Edition. The closed beta has actually been available this week, and has given its lucky players a chance to see how well the game works on consoles. It’s always great to see more audiences and platforms having access to a game as popular as Rust, and hopefully this only makes for a more vibrant community in the game.

The console versions of Rust releases on May 21, with pre-orders now available.

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