Remastered ‘Destroy All Humans’ Available Now for PS4

THQ Nordic announced on November 3rd that the classic 2005 PlayStation 2 game Destroy All Humans has been remastered and is making its way to the PS4. The action-adventure game is set in 1959’s America and follows an anal-probe-wielding  alien named Crypto of the Furon species who’s on a mission to rescue a captured comrade while collecting all the human DNA he can get his little extraterrestrial hands on in the process.

Besides the anal probe that works by being inserted into the victim’s rectum in order to collect DNA, Crypto has a huge arsenal of other weapons and abilities at his disposal. There’s the “Disintegrator Ray”, which turns the unfortunate target’s internal organs into ash and the Death Ray, which burns everything in it’s path accessible via his flying saucer just to name a couple.

THQ Nordic’s Director of Business and Product Development Reinhard Pollice made the following comments on the game’s re-release:

“We’re happy to finally answer fans’ questions about what’s next for the Destroy All Humans franchise. Porting the original for PS4 somehow makes every bovine encounter and governmental mishap even funnier!”

While Pollice’s comments aren’t really giving fans any real information with regard to the franchise’s future, the fact that they’ve spent the time and resources porting the title to the PlayStation 4 is encouraging on its own. The company might also be trying to gauge the current level of interest in the series before developing a sequel to the games 2006 successor Destroy All Humans 2 but that’s just speculation on our part. In other good news the remastered version of the original game is available right now on the PlayStation store for just $19.99.

Do you have fond memories of this classic PlayStation 2 action-adventure? Are you looking forward to seeing a current gen sequel to complete the trilogy ? Let us know by placing your thoughts in the comments below and as always make sure to keep a tab open to Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video game news you need to know.

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