New Rainbow Six Siege Patch Rolls Out a Few Buffs, Plus Skin Shop Changes

Now that Operation Wind Bastion has fully been revealed, the team over at Ubisoft just outlined even more ways they are improving the world of Rainbow Six Siege. This includes a few buffs for operators Mute and Smoke, while Zofia and Lesion get hit with that nerf focus.

According to Ubisoft’s most recent blog post:


  • SMG-11 has been added as a secondary
  • Slight increase to SMG-11 Damage
  • We want to make Mute slightly more attractive as a choice, and make him a bit stronger overall. Giving him additional loadout versatility should meet both of those needs.
  • We are also slightly increasing the damage on the SMG-11.


  • Electric Damage increased from 3 to 5 damage per tick
  • With the last few patches, we wanted to make Clash less frustrating to play against. She is now very weak and underpicked, and we anticipate that Nomad will be a hard counter against her. Essentially, we are trying to make her stronger without making her too frustrating to play against.


  • Slight increase to SMG-11 Damage
  • Smoke has incredible utility if used properly, but still a bit weak. Mute will also benefit from this change.


  • Slight decrease to T-5 SMG
  • Lesion is currently in a pretty good place, but is just a bit too strong. We are reducing his damage to bring him more in-line with where we would like to see him.


  • Reduced the total number of concussion grenades from 3 to 2
  • Zofia currently has too many projectiles at her disposal, and is able to offer too much utility when compared to her teammates.

They also added that Shop items would now be accessible through the News tab, while also giving players the ability to equip any given item right away. The studio also added, “If a particular, item or skin is available for multiple weapons/operators, players can select Equip All at the bottom left of the screen.”

There were other bug fixes and balance changes as well, including changes made to throw curves for throwable gadgets. The aim was to make the feel of them in-game more comfortable and natural to use. To read what else is new, you can check out the full blog post right here to learn more about “player comfort” and more fixes made.

What do you think about what we’ve seen of Operation Wind Bastion? Excited for the new season? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us what you think about what’s next for Rainbow Six Siege.

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