More PUBG Hackers Arrested As Devs Address “Malicious Codes,” Stealing Private Info, & More

The team behind the popular online battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), have taken to their blog once more to address rumors regarding cheat software, give an update on the arrests made, and more about their anti-hacking improvements.

“As you all now know, we’ve been doing everything possible to root out cheating from PUBG. The ultimate goal is to create an environment for players that’s completely safe from hackers and cheaters,” began the latest update. “We take cheating extremely seriously. Developing, selling, promoting, or using unauthorized hacking/cheating programs isn’t just unfair for others playing PUBG—in many places, it’s also against the law.”

We’ve upgraded our security measures, improved our anti-cheat solutions, and recently even added a new anti-cheat solution on top of all that. In the meantime, we’ve also been continuously gathering information on hack developers (and sellers) and have been working extensively with multiple partners and judicial authorities to bring these people to justice.”

“Earlier this month, on April 25th, 15 suspects were arrested for developing and selling hacking/cheating programs that affect PUBG. It was confirmed that malicious code, including Trojan horse software, was included in some of these programs and was used to steal user information.”

In addition to the 15 confirmed arrests regarding those selling and creating this “malicious coding,” the team also addressed a few nefarious rumors going around and confirming that some of them are actually true. Regarding the biggest rumor that some of these popular cheating programs actually leech personal info, Bluehole was able to confirm the truth:

“The longstanding rumor that hacking/cheating programs extract information from users’ PCs has been confirmed to be true. Using illegal programs not only disrupts others, but can end up with you handing over your personal information.”

Because of this, the team has promised their players that they will continue in their anti-cheating efforts in order to make the game the safest, and most enjoyable, experience it can possibly be. To learn more about their latest update, including a part of the actual authority records, you can check out their full post over on Steam here.

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