Problems with Nintendo Switch Controllers Continue After Day One Patch

Players had hoped that the syncing problems with the Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers would be fixed with the upcoming console’s day one patch. Unfortunately, the patch does not seem to address the problem and some players might start to re-think their future Switch purchase. According to some online accounts, after installing the patch, the Joy-Cons did stop disconnecting from the console, but another website claims that the problems were still there after running a few technical tests post patch.

Nintendo Switch controllers

According to the website, “In all cases, the range and consistency of the connection of each Joy-Con remains the same, and the left controller still has demonstrably weaker range than the right.” They also mention that despite multiple attempts to contact Nintendo about the issue at hand, there has been no reply.

Although new systems always have issues at the start, the Nintendo Switch controllers disconnecting in the middle of gameplay is not only frustrating for the player, but it’s quite obviously a hard to resolve technical fault by the manufacturer. With multiple reports from the lucky professionals who received the console early, stating the problems and getting no response, it doesn’t look too good for Nintendo.

The worst part is how expensive the Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers are. It isn’t fair for the player to spend around $80 on a faulty accessory, and then not even get a plan to fix the problem. With the console being released tomorrow, Nintendo better get on with fixing these sync issues as soon as possible before they lose out on sales. What do you guys think about the problems with the Nintendo Switch controllers? Will this affect your decision to buy? Let us know in the comment section below or start a conversation over on our Disqus. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7.

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