Cryptic Portal Message Found Hidden In CS:GO’s Battle Royale Mode (VIDEO)

Cryptic Portal Message Found Hidden In CS:GO's Battle Royale Mode (VIDEO)

As infamously revealed this past week, Valve made the decision make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) free-to-play, a move that also brought forth a new battle royale mode called Danger Zone. While many fans have shown apprehension toward the major game change, a fair amount have instead taken to CS:GO’s new mode, some in more ways than others. After a bit of maneuvering, players have found a compelling easter egg that heavily hints at the Portal series.

All the fervor began when fans discovered a seemingly innocuous easter egg involving a row of hotel rooms, with each sporting a number on its side. When lined-up, one number noticeably remains missing from the rest, the number 3, a self-aware joke poking fun at Valve’s inability to greenlight trilogies, a.k.a. “count to three.” However, this isn’t the particular reference that has fans in a tizzy, the real easter egg lying just inside.

Cryptic Portal Message Found Hidden In CS:GO's Battle Royale Mode (VIDEO)

Venturing into this second doorway leads players into the inaccessible third room, where a cache of computers can be seen set up on a desk. Standing near the humming hardware for a few moments triggers a strange tone to emanate, followed by a voice speaking a handful of sporadic coded messages. When completely laid out, the decoded message amounts to, “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.”

This quote is an obvious callback to the Portal series, specifically the song sung by GLaDOS titled “Still Alive.” The discovery has since sparked speculation that the puzzle-based series may be making a return, this small leave-behind being Valve’s way of subtly hinting at potential plans. As the company is well-known for utilizing ARGs to tease future titles, it would be reasonable to assume this may be the case again for a possible Portal 3.

Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is largely disappointing. It turns out that the Portal easter egg was solely meant to be just that: an easter egg. According to the official CS:GO Twitter account, the coded discovery within Danger Zone was not supposed to kick-off or tease an announcement, only a bit of fun had by the mode’s developers.

It’s truly been a roller coaster of emotions for CS:GO players lately, as hope for a Portal threequel was both renewed and squashed within the span of a few days. While all this speculation may have been a bust, the fact that gamers were so willing to believe Portal 3 was on the way suggests the hunger for delicious cake is still alive. Whether or not Valve will ever deliver a third installment is still anybody’s guess at this point.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently free-to-play on Linux, Mac, and PC.

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