Platinum Games’ Social Media Activity Suggests Bayonetta Series Headed to Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta Series

Most big developers and publishers are on the big social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These apps/websites allow for the companies to post updates, trailers, and even teasers for upcoming projects. One company has just joined the world of Twitter and their first official post seems to suggest that the incredibly popular Bayonetta series may be headed to Nintendo’s latest console/handheld hybrid, the Switch.

The above tweet by PlatinumGames seems simple enough. The franchise’s protagonist is featured in two animated style panels. One with a red background while holding a red gun, and the other a blue background with the character holding a blue firearm. The red panel seems to be depicted from the first game, while the blue one appears to resemble the heroine from the sequel. The image in itself doesn’t really throw up any flags at first glance. It just looks like PlatinumGames is featuring an image from their most successful franchise. It wasn’t until the company liked and retweeted a fan’s response, which showed an image of the neon red and blue Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch, that fans began speculating about the post’s hidden meaning.

This is far from an official announcement that the Bayonetta series is coming to the Switch, but it does offer a bit of hope for those loyal fans that are antsy to play the games on Nintendo’s latest hardware. As some may recall, Bayonetta 2 was a WiiU exclusive. Surprisingly, the sequel didn’t sell as well as initially projected. It may be due to the fact that the WiiU console wasn’t Nintendo’s strongest outing in recent memory. If the series is headed to Switch, it might be a good idea to package both games together, and maybe that’s what PlatinumGames was hinting at. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Only time will tell, but rest assured that if this turns out to be true, DFTG will update accordingly.

What do you think of the possibility of the Bayonetta series headed to the Nintendo Switch? Do you think the design of the image is just coincidence, or maybe deliberate and fans solved the puzzle rather quickly? Let us know in the comments section below. Make sure you head on over to Twitter to follow DFTG for around the clock coverage of the hottest news in gaming and entertainment.

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