PacMan Ghost Lamp Review


This retro PacMan desk lamp from Paladone is a must have piece of gaming decor for any gamer. It’s simple but radiates nostalgia especially for those who grew up in an era that was dominated by classic arcade games. In fact, being a child of the 80’s myself, the nostalgia factor alone is why I decided to purchase it. Afterall, I spent countless hours of my youth playing PacMan. The lamp is powered by Micro-USB cable (included in box) and features a color changing mood light with 16 colors and 2 modes. Mode 1 or the “Standard mode” allows the lamp to cycle through all 16 colors in a slow continuous loop, while Mode 2 or “Party Mode” enables the lamp to react and change colors in time with whatever music is being played. It even has a sensitivity dial that allows you adjust for quite or louder music.

PacMan Lamp

Remember how I said it was simple? The box it comes in is really lightweight and that’s due to the lamp being made entirely of plastic, save the 1.5 Watt bulb and wiring of course. However, it’s a sturdy plastic that takes on the colors of the bulb very well. It also comes with protective bumpers on the base which is great if you’re not looking to scratch up your desk or other surfaces.

There are few minor issues that stuck out but aren’t really deal breakers: The first is that the micro-USB cable included only allows for power via USB port so if you want to be able to place the lamp anywhere you’re going to need a micro-USB power adapter. This shouldn’t be a huge problem being that a lot of cellphones come with these nowadays.

Another thing I noticed is that the “Party Mode” doesn’t really time well with the music. Even with the sensitivity dial the lamp still has quite a bit of trouble timing with the beat. The last minor flaw noticed was that there’s no ability to choose a static color. While I enjoy the slow transitions of colors that mode 1 provides and the quick paced rhythmic of the party mode, it would be nice to be able to set one color.

Bottom Line: Even with it’s minor issues which are really subjective to the individual, it’s still a great buy – especially for the price. If you love PacMan and 80’s nostalgia or just want to add a touch of gaming decor to your space then I recommend picking one of these bad boys up. They also make great gifts with the holidays right around the corner. I copped mine for around $25.00 but they are going for under $20.00 right now here:

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