Waka Waka Waka All Night Long With This 1:4 Scale Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

The 80s were a beautiful timed filled with Pac-Man glory and arcade-filled dreams. For those looking to rehash those nostalgic feels, ThinkGeek has just the thing!

“All those hours standing around the Pac-Man arcade cabinet,” says ThinkGeek about their awesome blast from the past. “All those quarters pumped into the machine. All those Power Pellets, fruits, and ghosts eaten. Ah, the memories. Alas, we can’t bring ALL the memories to you (be glad we can’t make your floors sticky like an arcade), but we can bring a little nostalgia.”

They added, “This Pac-Man 1/4 Scale Arcade Cabinet is an official, fully-playable, accurate replica of the original Pac-Man – just at a quarter of the size. It’s based on the original arcade ROM with the exact replica color scheme and detail of the original art. The joystick and buttons, fortunately, are a little more durable than originals that have been around for more than 35 years. And, at just under 17″ tall, you don’t have to worry about where it’s going to fit.”

Interested in snagging one for yourself? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pac-Man 1/4 Scale Arcade Cabinet
  • Officially-licensed Pac-Man merchandise
  • 1/4 scale replica of the original 1980 Pac-Man arcade cabinet
  • Original arcade ROM
  • Edition Size: 10000
  • High-quality arcade stick and push buttons, made for durability and precision (unlike their retro cousins)
  • 5-inch full-color TFT screen with 4:3 ratio
  • Replica wooden shell and shape
  • Reverse air vents with wire mesh
  • High quality embedded 3M decals showcasing iconic artwork
  • Exact replica color scheme and detail
  • 3-watt built-in speaker with volume control
  • On/Off rocker switch
  • Charging indicator LED and volume dial on back
  • LED backlight header banner
  • Imported
  • Batteries: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use
  • One charge lasts approximately 4 hours
  • Recharges via 71″ long micro-USB cable (included)
  • Dimensions: 16.9″ tall x 6.3″ wide x 8.3″ deep
  • Includes 1/4 scale arcade machine, limited-edition Pac-Man coin (put it on the machine to claim next game) and micro-USB recharging cable

Cash in on your retro love right here for $179.99! Also! By purchasing one of these awesome units from us, you’re helping our independent site remain independent and made just for you by a small commission from each sale. From the bottom our hearts over at DFTG, thank you for your incredible support!

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