Live-Action Pac-Man

Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Greenlit By Bandai Namco

Hollywood certainly seems to be in the midst of a flurry of projects that adapt video game franchises to major film productions. This year so already seen successful box office…

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Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Reveals Minecraft DLC, A Free Game, And More

Pac-Man celebrated its 40th anniversary this week with a line-up of announcements and collaborations. Since the classic arcade past-time made its debut in 1980, the franchise continues to be a…

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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Is Now Free For A Limited Time

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Is Now Free For A Limited Time

While the video game industry as a whole has certainly been changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many game developers have stepped up by making it just a bit easier…

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Waka Waka Waka All Night Long With This 1:4 Scale Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

The 80s were a beautiful timed filled with Pac-Man glory and arcade-filled dreams. For those looking to rehash those nostalgic feels, ThinkGeek has just the thing! “All those hours standing…

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Original Pac-Man Concept Designs Revealed

One of the most iconic games of all time is most certainly the beloved classic arcade game Pac-Man. Originally released in 1980, players were tasked with moving the titular character…

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Re-live Those Arcade Vibes With This Namco Museum Collector’s Vinyl Set

Don’t worry, you won’t need additional coins to enjoy these sweet tunes. If you’re like us and you enjoy a good vinyl set to commemorate beloved gaming memories, the newly…

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Pac-Man Maker Trademark

Pac-Man Maker Trademark Filed By Bandai Namco Hints at Possible New Project

Super Mario Maker released for the Wii U back in 2015, quickly became one of the bestselling games for the console and had some of the most critically lauded uses…

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