Oculus Executive Arrested in Underage Sex Sting – Contains Graphic and Suggestive Language

Last week in Tukwila WA, a police sting operation caught Oculus VR’s Head of Computer Vision for commercial sexual abuse of a minor according to Seattle news station, King 5. Dov Katz was arrested and booked on December 21st. The charging documents that were obtained by another website show the exchange of text messages between Katz and an undercover officer. The “girl” is supposed to be a prostitute over the age of 18, but then reveals to him that she is much younger and he is not deterred. Here is a transcript of the texts:

Katz: “Hey Santa”

Officer: “lol hi u! Wat u lookin for tonite?”

Katz: “Someone to cuddle with until tomorrow”

At this point, the officer provided her fees and asked what he was looking for. He texts that he wanted the girlfriend experience and to stay overnight and then asked if she could come to him. The officer told him that she did not have a license, but was staying at the Embassy Suites. Katz then said he could come to her and then asked if she had a lot of condoms. She responded with “Oh yes, babe” and he then asked her how many times she thought she could make him “cum”.

Katz: “How old are you anyways?”

Officer: “19 u??”

Katz: “30”

Officer: “K younger girls ok with u?”

Katz: “Yes. More energy to keep up.”

Officer: “Can I be honest with u? I’m new to all this and a little younger then my ad says but I promise u won’t be disappointed.

Katz: “How much younger?”

Officer: “15… I’m sending my pic jus plz don’t say anything ok?”

Katz: “Sure”

It was pretty obvious at that point that Katz was perfectly fine with the girl being underage. It gets worse…


Katz started working at Oculus in 2013. Are you in shock over this?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Here is some more Oculus news to get your mind on the more positive side of the company:

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