Games Offered by Switch’s Classic Game Selection Add New Features

Brand new information has come to light about the differences between the Switch’s Classic Game Selection and Nintendo’s Virtual Console Program. The Classic Game Selection not only offers online play and voice chat through an app, the service also gives players “ongoing access” to a list of classic games like Super Mario Bros 3 as long as their subscription is currently active. Some fans were a little confused as to the difference between this service and Virtual Console, which gives players access to purchase classic Nintendo games, and whether or not this new service would be a replacement program.

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch’s Classic Game Selection is very different from Virtual Console, especially because the games on the new online service come with “new features”. Although the company did not go on to explain what these new features might be, they did confirm that some of the NES classics like Dr. Mario and Balloon Fight will support online play while the SNES games are only being considered. So far no plans have been announced to bring the Virtual Console to the Switch and no classic games are available through the console as of right now.

Switch's Classic Game Selection

According to Nintendo, the subscriptions to the Switch’s Classic Game Selection are connected to player’s individual Nintendo accounts instead of the console, so different users would need to buy their own subscriptions. You can buy a subscription through the eShop or with prepaid cards. The service plans to release sometime next year instead of the original prediction of this Fall.

What do you think of the Switch’s Classic Game Selection? Do you plan to buy a subscription? Let us know in the comment section below and then head to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page where you can find all the latest gaming news 24/7.

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