Nier: Automata Director Says a Nier Remake Could Happen With the Right Amount of Money


Unless one has been living under a rock over the past couple of months, it may have been difficult to go without hearing about the latest title from Platinum Games, Nier: Automata. Released on February 23, the action role-playing game has sold over a million copies. While that is awesome, there is something for fans to get even more excited about now. Game director Yoko Taro has recently stated that if he received enough money, a remake of the original Nier would definitely be made.

During a recent live stream by Famitsu, some of the development team got together to joke around, drink, and release some details regarding the popular title. A little bit about the DLC for Nier: Automata was unveiled, and that is when things got a little interesting. This is what was said(thanks to Siliconera):

Yoko Taro asked PlatinumGames’ Negishi-san “Since we’re releasing costumes from the previous game I think we’ll hear a lot more demand for a remake of it, so would you do it if you’re asked?” to which Negishi enthusiastically responded with “Of course!””

Of course, that was the game director asking the designer. If it came down to it, a new designer could be found, but so could a new director. However, that might not be the case because Famitsu’s chief editor asked Taro “if he’d do a NieR remake if he has enough time.” To this, Yoko responded, “I would do anything if I get the money for it.” Of course, as producer Yosuke Saito even brings up, if Automata does well, a remake of the original is always possible. For those unfamiliar with the first title, here’s a look:

Nier: Automata is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. How many gamers out there have been enjoying this title? Would a remake of the original be necessary, or does Nier still hold up? Sure, it has been seven years and a generation of consoles since its release, but is it still good? Drop those thoughts in the comments section below! As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If it is more reading that you’re needing, check out the following:

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