Newest Halo Wars 2 Patch Adds HDR Support, DLC Pack Now Available

halo wars 2 patch new dlc

The popular real time strategy spinoff Halo Wars 2 has released a new update that aims to fix a few glitchy issues, as well as introduce a few minor gameplay additions. One notable inclusion of the Halo Wars 2 patch is the addition of HDR support to console versions of the game. Also announced was the sci-fi title’s next DLC that will offer up a new leader character for players to use in battle.

halo wars 2 patch new dlc

What the new DLC pack brings to the table are numeros exclusive Blitz Cards, including the addition of leader Sergeant Johnson and his unique command abilities. The Sergeant Johnson Leader Pack is now available for Windows 10 PCs for the price of $5.99 USD and is expected to be available very soon for Xbox One players, according to Halo community manager Brian Jarrard.

As for the update, what’s included are a few patched crash scenarios as well as the welcome addition of high dynamic range (HDR) lighting support for the Xbox One S, which will present the game with higher detail for those with HDR compatible televisions. Other changes that round ot the Halo Wars 2 patch include a new allied view indicator to the mini-map, fixed language issues with card pack descriptions, and repaired a number of sound glitches.

halo wars 2 patch new dlc

The incoming patch will be a whopper, coming in at about 8GB. Microsoft warns that the massive download may appear to be frozen at times, and players would be wise to “just leave it and be patient. It will eventually resume.” The full Halo Wars 2 patch notes can be read below, as posted on the official Halo Waypoint site. Be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day.

Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes:

New Feature:

  • Support for HDR lighting is now enabled for console players with compatible hardware


  • Players should no longer have a chance of loading into the game without the ability to issue any commands
  • Fixed a crash that rarely occurred after signing in on the Main Menu
  • Fixed a crash when playing against AI in Firefight or Skirmish mode
  • Fixed a desync that could occur in ranked 2v2 games
  • Fixed a crash on “Last Stand” that could occur from loading from an old save from a previous release
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attacking the first barricade in the Prologue


  • Added allied view indicator to the mini-map
  • Added 2 new themes to “Proving Ground” Blitz map
  • Blitz playlists will now also appear in the main multiplayer “Find Match” screen
  • Made “Restoration Drones” get more expensive when it is upgraded to its 3rd tier
  • Adjusted the Foundry so that its always hit by Hunters’ and Marines’ upgraded projectiles when attacked
  • Added better “Combat Salvage” visual effects when a unit dies and is immediately built back at base
  • Removed an exploit with “Combat Salvage”
  • Reworked a targeting exploit that could occur with using “Extraction”
  • Pelicans and Darts should no longer leave floating lights above bases
  • Made it so that “Ghost in the Machine” would no longer disable Colony’s “Combat Repair” on the units it borrowed
  • Spartans no longer strip upgrades from vehicles they hijack
  • Some tech upgrades were not applying completely to some units
  • Fixed an issue with moving units not properly attacking Garrisoned units
  • Units teleported off the map are now teleported back to your base
  • Spartans no longer increase the level of units they hijack


  • Made card pack descriptions show up in the appropriate language for France and Taiwan
  • Added text to the Pelican Transport level 2 when selected on the leader power radial


  • Added “Upgrade Complete” voice over for various leaders that was missing
  • Adjusted the audio to the Forerunner structure on Highway to remove the high frequency that could be unpleasant to hear
  • Audio/music should no longer drop from games played through a playlist
  • Locust beam is no longer audible in the fog of war
  • Hellbringers should no longer play Kinsano voiceover when being attacked by an enemy Spartan

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