New WWE 2K19 “Never Say Never” Trailer Defies Expectations (VIDEO)

Get those boots laced up and those sparkly trunks dry cleaned because WWE 2K19 is nearly here! The annual wrestling game from the sports simulation wizards at 2K Games looks better than ever this year, promising a revamped MyPlayer mode with new story and character dialogue, a new showcase mode featuring the career of Daniel Bryan, and fighting game like Towers mode that allows players to compete in gauntlets and win awesome rewards.

These all sound like great new additions to be sure, but man is the wait getting tough for WWE enthusiasts. Until then, 2K has a little sizzle reel for us that’s sure to please some of the most hardcore of wrestling fans. Check it out below:

That initial voice over provided by Gorilla Monsoon sets the stage for the “Never Say Never” trailer for WWE 2K19. That’s on top of all our favorite WWE superstars represented in some unique artistic sets, making for a pretty great wrestling game trailer. We get Ronda Rousey looking like she’s in an episode of Piper’s Pit, Jeff Hardy looking like he’s part of some ambitious abstract art piece, Charlotte Flair taking after her father and basking in her glory. Asuka doing her weird assassin thing, The Bludgeon Brothers looking like Bloodborne bosses, The Undertaker with his signature Urn, and so many other WWE Legends and current stars looking rad as hell.

If the game can deliver on fan service like this trailer seems to imply, 2K may be on the right track to making this one of the more memorable WWE games in recent years. WWE 2K19 will be releasing next week, October 9th and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on the same day so be sure to pick up a copy and bring the pain! Are you excited to get in the ring? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any more WWE 2K news and check out these other fantastic stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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