New State Of Decay 2 Trailer Shows Mechanics, Gruesome Finishers, And More (VIDEO)

Decay 2 Trailer

Set to a slow and eerie tune, the new State of Decay 2 trailer shows off more of the anticipated post-apocalyptic zombie game for fans awaiting release. Undead Labs set this latest trailer loose at PAX East 2018, giving a closer look at various parts of the survival simulator. There is a lot for players to enjoy, especially fans of the genre.

The State of Decay 2 trailer delves into the mechanics first. Viewers get a first-hand look into the way shooting, crafting, leader mechanics, and even the time-honored zombie tossing works. There are even some gruesome finishers for both player and zombie to execute. Check out the features for yourself in the video below:

The open world concept shown off in the State of Decay 2 trailer above gives players plenty of room to explore, plan modes of attack, and create things to help in their survival mission. Whether players are mowing down hordes in a car, sneaking up for a stealth kill, or run-n-gunning their way through – there is something here for everyone.

Players interested in getting in on the action seen in the State of Decay 2 trailer can preorder the game now. Pre-orders get to access the game early, starting on May 18th. For those who’d rather wait for the release, State of Decay 2 will be available for Xbox One and PC on May 22nd.

What about State of Decay 2 makes it stand out from other titles like it? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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