Smite Patch 3.23 – Wings of Victory Introduces a New God

Just a few days ago, another epic MMO title launched its latest update for the fans. With the Smite Patch 3.23 update, fans were treated with quite a few changes to the game, including introducing another god to the roster of characters, adding a 5th tier skin update, and changes to both item and god abilities. The announcement of the patch update was made on Twitter, though if you were interested in watching the video regarding these updates, you can still follow the link in the Twitter post below to hear the scoop directly from game developers.

The patch update is actually quite extensive to the game, as it really tackles making some significant differences in older characters to the title. However, the biggest character change is in fact, the addition of a brand new fighter. Nike, Goddess of Victory has been added to the roster of playable characters, and she brings with her a terrific gift to any team mates she gets paired with. Her passive is quite interesting, as in order to accomplish it, the team must work together to complete three goals:

  • Goal 1: Eliminate 10 gods as a team
  • Goal 2: Eliminate 200 Minions as a team
  • Goal 3: At least two allies are level 20

Once all three goals are met, the team is awarded with a Laurel that increases Power (+8/10/12%) and Movement Speed (+3/5/7%), which can be increased 3 times. Her other Passive allows her to plan her next move against the enemy, gaining (10/15/20/25/30) HP5. Her Active abilities include Rend, Valiant Leap, and Sentinel of Zeus. Nike will have two skins available. which can be seen below in the gallery:

Smite Patch 3.23 will also include new god skins, including the terrifying Demonic Pact Anubis, Chilling Grasp Ah Puch, Jurassic Camazotz, and Bacchus Mastery Skins. It’s interesting to see the latest skin for Ah Puch, considering it really appears to take inspiration from Game of Thrones. Ah Puch looks a lot like a White Walker according to the images and actions he will possess in-game, so definitely look forward to that addition when Odyssey 2017 goes live. Finally, the patch update includes changes to god and item abilities, including increasing Khepri’s HP to 490, and an Obsidian shard that reduces magical power by ten points. You can check out the entire listing on Smite’s page to get a run-down of updates and stay on top of your very best game play.

Smite Patch 3.23 is quite an extensive update for gamers looking to expand their experience, so it’s definitely worth it to download the update if you haven’t already done so. This isn’t the only in-game update that came out just in time for everyone to start settling in for the long winter ahead. Recently, Dishonored 2 just released their third patch update for PC, considering the title’s launch had a rocky start since its release date. Hopefully Smite players won’t run into a similar buggy situation with the launch of the latest playable character, Nike, so keep those fingers crossed when you download the patch. As always, check back with us for more details as Smite continues to grow and expand for gamers of every kind.

What do you think of the latest patch update? Will you be giving it a try as soon as possible? Let us know in the comments below, and game on!


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