Dad Spends $1,500 on Toddler’s Wonder Woman Costume

Kid Wonder Woman

Josh Rossi, a commercial photographer and digital artist, spared no expense for his three-year-old daughter Nellee’s  Halloween costume. Nelle wanted to be Wonder Woman and he made his little girl’s dream come true. Rossi spent a whooping $1,500 on the custom handmade, real leather costume and props. He worked closely with Salt Lake City based Mcgrew Studios to ensure that they were detailed and hyper realistic, with only the Wonder Woman trailer as their guide. However, the costume itself was only the half of it.

custom wonder woman costume

Josh took it a step further by  planning a photoshoot for his little Amazonian princess as well. Creating the armor and preparation for the shoot took months. While Josh was hard at work overseeing all the details of his toddler’s armor, Nellee and her mom were busy studying Gal Gadot’s facial expressions and body movements. They even spent late nights watching the original 1970’s Wonder Woman series.


The epic photoshoot took an entire day and a whole team of people to complete. As you can see in the above behind the scenes video, Nelle was a complete professional which on it’s on is a heroic feat for any three-year-old. Nellee hopes to someday do a shoot with Gal Gadot herself. I think it’s safe to assume what little Nellee will be wearing on opening night when Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017. Check out more awesome photos from the shot below.

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