New Apex Legends Map Seemingly Hinted At In Recent Teaser

New Apex Legends Map Seemingly Hinted At In Recent Teaser

So far players have only been able to play on the King’s Canyon map within Apex Legends, though the developers have taken an approach similar to Fortnite by changing the map over time. Season 2 of the game saw the introduction of Flyers, a parasitic creature that arrived alongside the Leviathan monstrosities that walk across the map, changing the landscape in their wake. While this strategy does help change the way players interact with the world, the developers at Respawn may also be looking at bringing new maps into the fray as well.

Hints and leaks eventually led fans to a confirmation of a new character by the name of Crypto, a hacker who has been trying to hack his way into the Apex Legends games for some unknown reason. It was recently discovered in-game that the character had succeeded in his hacking and this was further confirmed by a recent Tweet. Players are met with lines of code in a gif presented in the Tweet followed by the hacker’s signature mark that he’s left behind.

While at first this might not seem like much, another recent Tweet shows a letter written by the mysterious Crypto. The letter appears to give fans a brief description of the character thanking his mother for advice on going on a date, however, the text glitches and reveals an underlying message within explaining that the character had been framed and was attempting to get closer to the perpetrators.

The hidden text also confirms that it was in fact Crypto who took down the Repulsor towers in King’s Canyon in the hopes of seeing the Apex Games move off of Solace and onward to a new location. ‘New Dawn’ is referenced as the location that Crypto hopes to find more information, and while there isn’t currently a New Dawn within the franchise there is a Dawn that was featured in the now-canceled free-to-play title Titanfall Online. Whether or not the two have any sort of connection remains unclear, but a vast desert environment filled with remnants of a past battle, makeshift buildings, and a large industrial facility does sound like an enticing Apex Legends map.

It’s the only way I can get close to the people who framed me. All I had to do was distract the Syndicate long enough to get ‘Crypto’s’ credentials into the system. You were right about the qualifying matches. I looked into it and there’s no way I could have gotten in. So I went with Plan B: I took down the Repulsor tower. I had no idea it would be so insane. I’m hoping the damage was enough to close King’s Canyon so I can hitch a ride on the dropship off Solace, and find the evidence I need somewhere in New Dawn.”

Apex Legends is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Best of all is that the game is free to play, giving players easy access to some intense squad-based battle royale action. The game is currently only in a digital format but soon be available as a physical copy as well complete with their own in-game cosmetics and other assorted goodies.

Season 3 has been speculated to have a possible release date occurring immediately after the current season ends on September 30th. The recent Tweets definitely lend themselves to the idea of a new season coming soon, and with any luck, Season 3 will bring a new arena to fight in as well. Could players be heading to a new location soon? Let us know your thoughts on the possible new map in Apex Legends and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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