New Mass Effect Game Concept Art Revealed

New Mass Effect Game Concept Art Revealed

This past N7 day was a particularly exciting one for Mass Effect fans, with BioWare announcing both the remastered Legendary Edition trilogy and that a team of veteran developers is…

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Mass Effect fans

Mass Effect Fans Are Making N7 Outfits In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With so many people in the world taking shelter in their homes the past few weeks, many have found escapism through the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game…

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Anthem Reveals Mass Effect N7 Javelin Armor

The Mass Effect series invades Anthem! Illustrator and art quality analyst, Mad Bee, recently shared a Mass Effect N7 armor skin for the Storm Javelin in the upcoming BioWare title,…

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Harness your Inner Commander Shepard with this New Omni-Blade – Get Yours Right Here

Now is the time to harness your inner Commander Shepard because now you can equip your very own Omni-Blade in real life. ThinkGeek has teamed up with BioWare once more…

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Women’s Clothing from ThinkGeek for N7 Day, Making our Dreams Come True!

What better way to amp up the hype for the newest Mass Effect: Andromeda than by repping your style IRL? ThinkGeek is making 9 pieces of Mass Effect inspired women’s clothing that…

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DFTG’s Reaction to the Big Reveal (Finally!) of BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda (Opinion)

It is finally here! The official trailer to give fans insight into the next stage of galaxy exploration, Mass Effect: Andromeda. As a lot of you know, I am a…

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N7 Day Brings the Official Trailer for the Next Adventure in Mass Effect: Andromeda (VIDEO)

N7 Day is finally here and BioWare fans from all over are celebrating the wonderful world of Mass Effect with the official trailer reveal of  the highly anticipated title, Andromeda….

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