Luigi’s Mansion 3 Producer Says You Can Eat Gooigi, Reveals Origins

Luigi's Mansion 3 Producer Says You Can Eat Gooigi, Reveals Origins

Following a grand showcase at E3 2019, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is looking to be a pretty solid entry in the ghost-capturing series, the title touting shiny new visuals as well as a solid update to the series’ base gameplay. One of the more memorable additions to take off from the game has been Gooigi, a gooey, green clone designed to lend a hand when one Luigi just isn’t enough.

As spawning a Flubber-esque look-alike is an undeniably strange idea, producer Kensuke Tanabe recently shared Gooigi’s origins with Game Informer, revealing the character was partly inspired by the Nintendo Switch console itself. “When I first saw the Nintendo Switch system, the fact that you can split the two JoyCons and share it with someone else to play together was such a great thing that we really wanted to take advantage of that for this game,” Tanabe revealed.

We at Nintendo were kind of experimenting with different ways that we can have two people play at the same time, and one of them was to make a copy of Luigi, so just having two Luigis on the screen. While we were doing that, the team happened to be experimenting with using a goo-like material for ghosts. They were like, ‘What if we gave them a little more substance and made them out of goo?’ And then those two ideas came together.”

An ectoplasmic Mario Brother is surely a welcome addition to a game already packed with oddities, but it seems that some players are a bit more eager to sample the gooey character than others. As Gooigi shares more than a passing resemblance to candy, questions of whether the character was edible were also inevitably brought up. Tanabe, having been posed this inspired query before, confirmed that yes, players would likely be able to eat Gooigi if he were indeed real.

You’re the second person to ask if you can eat Gooigi. [Laughs] It’s probably like gummies so you could eat it. The actual backstory is that Professor E. Gadd extracted a bunch of energy out of the ghost that he captured, and then he accidentally spilled coffee on it, and that’s how the goo was made.”

There you have it. Despite consisting of supernatural ghost slime, Nintendo has confirmed Gooigi is very much edible. Though he may look like a snack, his seeming usefulness in Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be enough to hold back even the most sweet-toothed of players. The gelatinous pal provides an assortment of unique help such as traversing inaccessible locations and providing a nifty player-two for especially tricky situations. This mechanic also extends to multiplayer, where four player co-op can be effectively doubled with a squad of multi-colored Gooigis.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is set to release for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

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