Donald Glover and James Earl Jones Cast in Live-Action Lion King Reboot

Lion King

In case you haven’t noticed, Disney has been remaking their classic movies into live-action films as of late and so far? They seem to be on the right track. Classics such as The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast have all gotten the live-action treatment. The next classic to be re-visioned will be the all-time classic, The Lion King, and we have some awesome casting news.

The Lion King will be directed by famed actor/director, Jon Favreau. On February 17, 2017 Favreau took to Twitter to reveal some big casting news, beloved actor Donald Glover will be the voice of the film’s protagonist, Simba.

Donald Glover is making his mark in pop-culture. He will be starring in the Marvel Studios film Spider-Man: Homecoming this summer. The actor has also been cast as the young version of Lando Calrissian in an upcoming Star Wars movie about one of the franchise’s most infamous characters, Han Solo. Speaking of Star Wars, John Favreau’s other big casting announcement is that of the legendary actor James Earl Jones (who voiced the world’s most iconic character of all time, Darth Vader) will be reprising his roll as Simba’s father, Mufasa in the The Lion King film.

Remakes and reboots are always tricky business, especially with beloved classics. Fortunately, Jon Favreau has a keen vision when it comes to directing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with him directing Iron Man. Other critically acclaimed films that he has directed include Elf, Iron Man 2,  and he also directed last years gorgeous re-telling of another Disney classic, The Jungle Book. No official release date has been announced, as of yet.

What are your thoughts on the casting announcements? Have you been satisfied with the live-action re-tellings of Disney classics? Are you excited to see a live action Lion King movie? We’d love to hear your thoughts so leave us a comment in the section below. If you want to catch all of the hottest news in entertainment and video games 24/7, be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the news as it drops.

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