Limited Physical Copies of Firewatch Coming to PS4!

Well console fans, Campo Santo (the developer of Firewatch) announced through their Twitter account that they have partnered up with Limited Run Games in order to produce a “small physical run” of Firewatch!

Firewatch was originally released in February of this year for PS4 and PC (as well as Linux… I’ll leave that alone) and later released on Xbox One in September. The game follows a man by the name of Henry who, after having dealt with some trials and tribulations in his personal life, accepted a job as a forest fire lookout at the Shoshone National Forest. Henry is completely alone, minus a small radio that tethers him to a woman by the name of Delilah. As time progresses and the story unravels, you come to find out not everything is as it seems.


Campo Santo has been making some awesome moves partnering with Good Universe to create a feature film with the same title, as well as releasing a free-roam mode to the game after having finished the story line. Although they had announced the physical PS4 copies of the game, there has not yet been a release date set.

What are your thoughts, gamers? Are you looking to get your hands on a physical copy? Sound off in the comments below!

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