Life Is Strange Comic Delves Into Life After The Spoiler Ending

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Fans of DONTNOD’s Life is Strange are all too familiar with the difficult choices and the consequences that followed in the game. For those who have played through the game, the prospect of a comic that continues on the beloved characters is an exciting one. For those who haven’t, this article contains end-game spoilers that directly influence the Life is Strange comic.

For those still reading, the Life is Strange comic picks up after a pivotal point in the game. At the end of Episode 5, players are faced with the heartwrenching decision of choosing Bae or Bay (That is, save your childhood friend/love interest, or save the town you live in). For those who chose Bae, they’ll be happy to know that the comic will be exploring life for Max and Chloe after the storm:

Launching with a four-part miniseries in 2018, Titan Comics’ Life Is Strange returns readers to the setting of Arcadia Bay, offering fans the opportunity to dive back into the story of its beloved characters. Following on from one of two possible endings of the game, Life Is Strange: Dust takes the saga of Max and Chloe into a new and uncertain future, in an all-new comic strip adventure. No matter which ending you chose, this deep dive into Max and Chloe’s potential future will thrill, shock, and surprise you all over again. You thought Max and Chloe’s story was over? Their trials are only beginning! And in the end, dust will be all that remains…”

While the announcement above dropped in March, we now know that the “one of two endings” in the Life is Strange comic is definitely the “Save Chloe” option. For fans who chose that option in the game, the comic comes as a relief. After the end of Episode 5, some felt they weren’t given a decent ending and that the developers showed favoritism towards the “Save the Bay” option.

Regardless of the choices made, knowing how die-hard the LiS fandom is, this comic comes as a welcome addition to the ever-growing story of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. There is no release date yet, however, Amazon has a listing that says it will be available in December of this year. Now if only fans could manipulate time to make it get here faster!

Will Max and Chloe be able to keep it together in the wake of the incredible storm that rocked Arcadia Bay? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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