Horizon Zero Dawn Graphic Novel Series Returns This Summer

Guerrilla Games and Titan Comics announced the second arc of the Horizon Zero Dawn graphic novel series begins this Summer! The first arc saw record sales with more than 60-thousand…

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Cancelled WoW Follow-Up 'Titan' Addressed by Ex-Blizzard Boss

Cancelled WoW Follow-Up ‘Titan’ Addressed by Ex-Blizzard Boss

World of Warcraft has long been the only MMO under Blizzard’s belt, though not from lack of trying. The company has attempted several times in the past to bring another…

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Strange Comic

Life Is Strange Comic Delves Into Life After The Spoiler Ending

Fans of DONTNOD’s Life is Strange are all too familiar with the difficult choices and the consequences that followed in the game. For those who have played through the game,…

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First Issue Of Bloodborne Comic Sold Out, Second Print Coming Soon

Bloodborne, the video game turned comics developed by FromSoftware, has something to celebrate! The very first issue of Titan‘s Bloodborne comic has completely sold out and due to popular demand,…

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Get Funky Fresh With These Destiny 2 Armor Designs to Amp Up Before the Beta

Pretty much any game that has the option for character customization also has some pretty sweet armor builds to go with “that look”. Some are earned through certain events, some…

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