Life Is Strange 2: How It Carries The Torch Without Chloe And Max

DONTNOD Entertainment have once again outdone themselves. Life Is Strange returns with an all-new cast of characters to love, environments to relish in, and a journey to embark on. Chloe Price and Max Caulfield left a lasting impression on those who played it, but they aren’t the main characters this time. Instead, the spotlight shifts to two young brothers – Sean and Daniel Diaz – and their heart-wrenching story of loss and growth in Life Is Strange 2.

Unlike the microcosm we all know as Arcadia Bay, Life is Strange 2 begins in Seattle. As the story of Sean and and Daniel Diaz progresses, the two brothers travel from the Pacific Northwest southward toward their father’s hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico. That means traveling across state lines and encountering diverse challenges.

At 16 years old, Sean Diaz is fully immersed in the teenage phase of rebellion and driven by his hormonal reactions, but after the tragic incident that leaves the boys fending for themselves, he must seize his paternal instincts to protect Daniel. Both of their lives depend on his guidance.

As an iconic feature from the first game, consequences are still a significant part of Life is Strange 2. While the personal choices you made as Max Caulfield affected her and those around her, the choices made as Sean Diaz will have a significant effect on Daniel and the obstacles the two will face. How this personal journey of escaping a tragic incident will evolve based on these decisions is entirely to you. Even the most seemingly innocent of them will have consequences, all of which hinges on the player’s decision.

Life is Strange 2 felt organically well…Life is Strange. Its overall charm and loveable characters, the retro feel, and pace are all markers of the original iteration. Yet, it still offers an entirely distinct experience. If you’re interested in seeing my full hands-on impression from PAX West 2018, check it out here. Here’s a small excerpt below:

Will there be heartbreak or heartache? Yes, if the first 20 minutes of gameplay revealed last month wasn’t evidence of this already. Build relationships and bonds with new characters and most importantly, the one with Daniel. With that said, there’s no right or wrong way to go about Life Is Strange 2, but each action will reap consequences – good and bad.”

All in all, Life Is Strange 2 is completely different from its predecessor, but it brings to the table the same atmosphere and power of remarkable storytelling we all know and love. Instead of a high school photography senior that gets wrapped up in the mysteries of Arcadia Bay while learning to control time-window superpowers, there’s an entirely new set of challenges this time. The tale of Chloe and Max have come to a close, and the torch has successfully been passed on to unique set of defined characters. It’s time to let that chapter close, and let another one begin.

What are your thoughts on Sean and Daniel Diaz? Do you feel like these two might be more relatable than Chloe and Max? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

Life Is Strange 2 arrives September 27th, 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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