New Star Citizen Trailer, Alpha 3.2 Teased At E3 2018 (Video)

New Star Citizen Trailer, Alpha 3.2 Teased At E3 2018 (Video)

Star Citizen made an appearance today during the PC Gaming show at E3 2018. The highly anticipated “Space Living Simulator” was one of many games shown off during the presentation.  While we didn’t really learn anything new, we did get a look at some pretty space vistas.  The trailer shows everything from ships blowing up in a heated battle to some new close-quarter shootouts. Additionally, the developer also revealed at the tail end of the trailer that Alpha 3.2 is on its way.

Star Citizen is easily one of the most anticipated games of all time, and for good reason; people have already kicked in over $176 Million for the game, and the funding doesn’t stop coming.  Backers of the game have been asking for another Chris Roberts-designed space sim since the 90’s and so far  Cloud Imperium Games seems to be fully delivering on its promise of a cross between Wing Commander and Freelance, with the multiplayer structure of an MMO.

The game’s development has had its share of controversies surrounding missed deadlines, a lawsuit from CryTek, and some fans irked by lack of communication of big changes.

That said, despite the drama everything shown here looks really damn good.  I cannot deny that if Cloud Imperium can deliver on this fantastic promise, this could be one of the best games we’ve ever seen.  I really enjoyed No Man’s Sky with its procedural universe, especially with its latest updates finally delivering on its overdue promise to its fans. If Star Citizen can give me that, with Wing Commander-esque space combat and give me interesting things to see in this wide universe, I will be absolutely blown away.

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