This Kirby Nap Pillow Is All You’ll Need For A Short Trip To Dream Land

kirby nap pillow

If you’re on a break at school or work and feeling a bit fatigued, enter into dream land with a Kirby nap pillow. Courtesy of Bandai, of course, this ingenious idea works as an adorable novelty item for the household or a practical head cover for those small breaks in-between tasks. From the official website, it’s not the most affordable purchase.

Despite the astonishing price tag of $96.99 on Premium Bandai US, sellers on Amazon have it listed in a more affordable price bracket. If you’re willing to drop anywhere between $14 to $29 (USD), experience first-hand “what it is like to be inhaled into Kirby’s mouth.” That’s definitely the sole reason everyone wants one.  Check out what it looks like below:

Based on Bandai’s images, the Kirby nap pillow comes complete with a wife, daughter, and friends at work! Just kidding, those items are sold separately. Alternatively, this could be used as a cat or dog bed to spruce up the house with Kirby-themed paraphernalia, or simply as house decor. Either way, this would be a neat gift for any fan of this bouncy pink hero.

At approximately 38 cm x 51.5 cm x 36 cm, the Kirby nap pillow is made entirely of polyester and nylon, weighing about 0.6 kg. For folks in the United States, that’s 15 in x 20.3 in x 14.2 at 1.3 pounds.

“With this, you get to enjoy the fun of ‘being sucked into’; you can also wear it during breaks for a nap, shielding you form nearby distractions,” reads Bandai’s odd yet hilarious product description. “What’s more, the inside of its mouth is a cushion pad, which provides ample and comfortable support when you rest your head on it.”

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