The Latest Killing Floor 2 Weekly Outbreak is a Big Head “Bobble Zed” Mode (VIDEO)

Killing Floor 2's Weekly Outbreak

Tripwire Interactive is doing their best to make this summer one to remember with the developer introducing unique modes to Killing Floor 2 each week – called Weekly Outbreak – as part of their Summer Sideshow event. Last week, Tiny Terror was introduced where Zeds (a.k.a. zombies) become smaller and smaller as they take more damage. Players are affected as well, making it more difficult for their teammates to heal them.

This week’s outbreak is a little more straightforward. Called ‘Bobble Zed’, it is essentially a Big Head mode that gives both the Zeds and players gigantic domes. This is straight up beneficial (and a little terrifying) for players as headshots tend to be the name of the game in Killing Floor 2. For completing the ‘Bobble Zed’ challenge, players will receive a golden version of the Horzine Helmet titled ‘Precious’. Check out the trailer below to see the what’s in store:

Initially announced at E3 2017, Tiny Terror and Bobble Zed are just two of many of Killing Floor 2’s Weekly Outbreak game modes, popping up all summer long. The rest of the Summer Sideshow event schedule can be seen below, detailing all the Weekly Outbreaks to come in the following weeks.

  • July 4th  “Bobble Zed” – …that must hurt their necks.
    • Something went horribly wrong with this batch of Zeds and their heads are wwwaaaayyyyyyy larger than normal! Huge even!
  • July 11th – “Poundemonium” – All Fleshpounds, all the time. Almost.
    • The Fleshpound Convention is in town!
  • July 18th  “Up, Up and Decay” – Try to make ninety-nine Zed balloons.
    • Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to inflate like balloons, even to the point of floating away and popping!
  • July 25th  “Zed Time” – All the Zed Time in the world.
    • Ever think that life is passing you by? Not in this outbreak! You’ll be in Zed Time any time you’re near a Zed.
  • August 1st – “Beefcake” – Bigger they are, harder you fall.
    • In this outbreak, Zeds increase their health, size, and reach when they hit players or are affected by certain Zed abilities.
  • August 8th – “Boom” – Zeds under pressure; may explode.
    • Maybe it was something they ate? Bad gas? Whatever it was, Zeds explode when killed in this outbreak.      

So, what did you think about last week’s Tiny Terror mode? Plan on giving Bobble Zed a try? Let us know in the comments section below and, as always, stay tuned to DFTG for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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